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Hairstory FAQs / Feat. Hair Stylist Beth Ann Keen

So many of you have switched over to the Hairstory line and I'm thrilled! Me & Beth want to make sure you're getting the most out of the product line, so we've compiled some FAQs!
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Beth has used Hairystory for quite awhile & has converted many of her clients to New Wash, so she's accumulated some commonly asked questions & pitfalls. Questions answered by me (Sarah) will be stated, otherwise this is all Beth's wisdom!

Q. My hair looks greasy the next day after using New Wash! How do I fix this?
A. Massage more! Really Massage! And rinse ALOT. Less is more with New Wash contrary to what the Hairstory website says. If your hair looks greasy after more massaging/rinsing try using less New Wash. Also, really emulsify the wash when you pump it into your hands - warm it up and it'll distribute better.

*Tip   During the first two weeks of use don't focus on skipping washes, but instead focus on washing correctly.

Q. I can't go 3/4 days without a wash anymore. How can I extend my style?
A. New Wash isn't really meant to extend your style, the benefit is primarily that your hair looks & feels amazing the first day it's clean. No more sad & fluffy wash days!

Q. How do I remove tough build-up with New Wash? (Sarah)
A. As stated above, massage & rinse very well! If you used a glue-like or super strong hold product the day before, just repeat the wash process twice!

Q. How much of Hair Balm / Dressed-Up should I use?
A. 1-2 Pumps. Don't apply too close to the scalp or too heavily onto the bangs until you get the hang of your New Wash routine. Also, make sure you warm the product up in your hands before application - it goes a lot farther!

Q. How do I use Un-Dressed?
A. Use more than you think! Spray away! 8-10 Sprays refreshes second/third day hair. You can also build up applications as your hair drys, its the perfect low-key style setter. 

Q. How long does a bottle of New Wash last? (Sarah)
A. Months! Depends on how often you wash your hair, but for me I wash my hair 2-3 times a week and my bottle is not even half way through after 2 months of use.

Q. What is New Wash? 
A. New Wash cleans hair with a proprietary blend of essentials oils and naturally derived saturated cleaners - and no detergents or synthetic compounds. It conditions hair at the same time, and leaves it tangle-free (taken from site). Read more about the products here.

Q. Does New Wash work on all hair types? Thin, thick, curly, straight?
A. Yes it does!

Check out my initial review of the Hairstory line HERE & you can purchase items from the Hairstory line HERE. Also, check out my YouTube where I feature the products in my hair tutorials. 

Thank you for reading! Me & Beth will be actively answering questions in the comments & adding onto the list so please leave questions if you have them! :)


  1. Hi Sarah! I love your hair cut and color! I have personally done hair for about 25 years but don't any longer. I am wondering if you know or Beth knows if the products are gluten free? Scalp psoriasis is a problem I have lived with for about 5 years and I would love to try their products. I would love the whole line but need to know about gluten. If you have any info please let me know! BTW I love your video's! So fun to watch! Thanks!!!

    1. There is info on the hair story site about this. I believe some products do contain gluten.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I just cut and color my hair in Platinum! I look great! I wanted to purchase the products "hairstory line" but there is no Delivery to France ! Do you know how I could manage ? regards


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