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How to Start an Instagram Page! 7 Tips on Getting More Instagram Followers & Engagement

1. It takes a lot of work
And it doesn't happen overnight. I started blogging early 2016 and it's been a fun and sometimes exhausting passion. Everyday I think of new ideas that my audience might like, then I prepare, shoot, edit, and upload. Many times I drive to locations to try and get a killer OOTD photo. If you're not prepared to dedicate a pretty big chunk of your time to social media than you won't see the growth you're looking for.

2. Find your niche
A niche (to me) is something you're passionate about. Sometimes you fall into it, other times you know it before you even start your Instagram page. The one pitfall I see of people who are just starting is that their niche is a bit too small. Meaning there isn't enough content on the subject to grow & sustain a successful page. To remedy this, find an umbrella concept that encompasses the smaller niche within it. So in my case, I love pixie cuts & short haircuts, but I know I can't sustain my page on just that, so I include other hair/beauty relevant topics such as skincare, product reviews, makeup, and so on.

3. Find out what your audience really likes
I've done a lot of exploration & growing, and through that I found out (roughly) what my audience likes to see. Once you've successfully found your niche, now you need to find out what kind of content within that niche your audience likes the most. It's still important to encompass everything in your niche, but the points that garner the most engagement should be the focal point of your feed. In my case, my following enjoys pictures of my hair, but their favorite is when I do a video styling my hair. It's still within my same niche, just a different way of presenting the content. Another example is if you post about personal style, some love your shoe-of-the-day pictures, but everyone loves pictures of the purse you're carrying that day. 

4. Post consistently 
To stay relevant, especially with Instagram's new algorithm, it's important to post at least once a day. And be sure it's your best work. Experiment with the best times to post. Some users receive more likes & engagement in the morning, some in the afternoon or evening. I don't believe there's a particular day of the week that garners more likes/engagement, rather it's the time of day that makes a difference. 

5. Don't clutter your post with useless hashtags
Unless you have a ton of followers don't bother with the general hashtags (#fashion #beautiful #cool), because nobody looks through the thousands of spammed posts to that hashtag every minute. Rather find hashtags relevant to your topic, that may be a hashtag that a brand created or is a hashtag created by a successful Instagram page/blog. People are more likely to browse that hashtag & if you get enough engagement you may end up in the "top posts" section. 

6. Create video content
Instagram videos get 2 times the engagement of photos. If you can incorporate video into your feed - DO IT! Videos get a bigger slot on the Explore page and have a better chance of getting featured. Plus, audiences like the variety - it's all nice & well to read about how to do something, but if it's put into motion people are way more likely to stay and watch.

7. Be social & branch out
Make friends on social media. I've met some lovely people through Instagram and blogging. We share ideas, tips, dreams, inspirations, job leads, and more. If you fancy somebodies blog or Instagram comment thoughtfully and strike up a conversation! Also, establish a present on other apps and social media sites other than Instagram! You don't want to put your eggs all in one basket. Maybe startup a YouTube channel, a Pinterest page, or your own blog. The cross-promotion will bring more traffic to your Instagram page. It's a win-win!

Let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this & leave me your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for reading. :)

Photography by Sarah Shirock Reed of Shirock Photography


  1. Excellent advice - Thank you x (and slightly different and more honest than other "tips" I've seen)


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