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Tips on Maintaining Platinum Hair

I've had platinum hair for years and I've learned a lot from hairdressers and the internet,
 so I thought I'd share some of my best tips with you on keeping your platinum bright & healthy. (This isn't a post on how to get platinum hair, however!)

Use colorless products
Hair styling products to be specific. Don't use colored oils, pomades, or gels to
 style your hair! Platinum likes to absorb color, so if your products are hued, it may muddy your color.

Tone every 4 - 5 weeks
Don't go months without toning! Platinum requires upkeep, so a frequent visit to Sally's or
 the salon is absolutely necessary.

Use the right products to wash your hair 
If you still use shampoo & conditioner (and not New Wash...) find products that don't strip your hair. Toners are fragile and temporary, if you wash your hair too frequently and with the wrong products your toner won't last until your next appointment and being brassy weeks before your appointment isn't fun! New Wash doesn't strip & leave your hair/scalp feeling dry. New Wash extends the life of my toner and I only use it 2-3 times a week (if that!). Plus it conditions, detangles,  and is detergent and synthetic free - it's my one-stop shower product. Shop New Wash here!

Stop smoking
Not only is it good for your health to quit but cigarette smoke can really yellow your hair (take it from me, I smoked for 4+ years).

Use purple shampoo and/or conditioner once a week max
Purple shampoos & conditioners are great to refresh platinum sparingly. I use Amika's "Bust Your Brass" conditioner bi-weekly if I want an ashier look.
 If you over-use purple products it will muddy your platinum, leaving it dull and discolored.
Use a hair mask before and after a bleach 
If you're seeing breakage and frizz invest in a good hair mask. Use it weekly or bi-weekly to pamper your hair & scalp.
Keep makeup away from your hairline
A yellow or orange hair line isn't cute, put on a headband prior to applying your foundation/contour!
Cool it with the heat tools
If possible, don't heat style daily. The heat can fade your toner and cause breakage.
Ideally, style your hair a couple times a week and use dry shampoo when you're looking too oily. *TIP  You can preserve your style during sleep by wrapping a
silk scarf around your head or using a hair wrap.

Thank you for reading! Leave me your tips below! :)

*This post isn't sponsored but does contain affiliate links.
 So by purchasing or clicking I gain a small % commission. 


  1. Thanks for the info! I've had a pixie cut for years, but am always looking for new styles and came across your pics in a google search! I started noticing that all the styles I liked were all pictures of you! I'm like, "Who is this girl?" and found your blog :) Anyway, I had been getting my pixie foiled off and on and have been thinking of doing a bleach-out for a while and finally took the plunge today! I hadn't had my hair foiled in like a year, so even though my stylist bleached it twice and did toner, it's still very yellow. I took your suggestion and ordered New Wash & the Amika conditioner, so hoping to get my color to more of the white ash blonde over the next few months! Thanks again! Will be following your blog for more styling tips! ;)

  2. Do you tone at home? what products do you buy?

  3. Wow good post you have post here Thank you for more here


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