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Month 4 of Using New Wash / Pros & Cons

I've been using New Wash religiously since April and it's the only thing I use to wash my hair. Since starting I have
 compiled some thoughts & opinions on the product and brand. I hope this will help you decided if 

My hair background

A quick overview on my hair before we jump in! I have thick, straight, frizz-prone hair.
It's also chemically colored, which increases the amount of frizz and breakage I get.

Less Frizz

As stated above, I have frizz-prone hair. I found that every shampoo I used would amplify it - thus requiring more product for styling & more headache. 
Since switching out my shampoos & conditioners for New Wash I've seen the amount of frizz I'd normally get cut in half. My hair is a lot more manageable and requires 
less time styling & less product. My hair is no longer a poofy mess after it dries - thank god!

Reduced Washing

I find I only need to use New Wash a few times a week if not less. My hair doesn't feel greasy the next day.
I could probably be fine with only washing my hair once a week, but I like to switch up my styles.

One Stop Product

It's nice not having a three step hair wash routine!


If New Wash is properly rinses and massaged, it removes every trace of product & buildup! 
This stuff even gets out Got2b Freeze Spray no problem.

One Bottle Lasts Months

A bottle can last me months! Since starting New Wash I have only gone through one bottle!

Hair Health

Since New Wash doesn't have detergents or harsh chemicals my overall hair health has improved. 
Since my hair isn't stripped or dry after washing, I rarely see breakage or flakes. 

Color lasts longer

My toner lasts longer since my hair isn't getting stripped everytime I wash. I've found my toner
lasts a week or move longer than it usually would!

Price & Size

It's a bit pricey! Although, since I'm not repurchasing shampoos, conditioners, masks, etc., it evens out.  
I wish you got a little more product for your dollar! Sure, a bottle lasts me atleast a few months, 
but I think they'd give you more for your money. 

Not the best for all hair types

Depends of course, but New Wash probably doesn't work for everyone. 
Read up on the reviews before purchasing! I've found that New Wash works
best for those with thick, damaged, coarse, and/or curly hair.

No Sample Sizes

Hairstory, provide SAMPLES! Atleast a weeks worth. It's not going to hurt your business! Before people invest they 
need to see if it's a good fit! I know you have a good return policy (30 day returns) BUT not everyone 
can splash out on a $40 bottle right away! It will give potential customers piece of mind. 


I love New Wash and I don't plan on switching anytime soon and the pros heavily out weigh the cons. That being said,
do your research before purchasing! This is all just my experience. I know you'll probably love it, but it can be a hard switch for those who
have used shampoo their whole life or if your hairtype isn't the right fit. 

Leave me your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. As someone wth fine, stick-straight hair (which used to be bleached when I began using hair story but had since grown out) I can say that that product works incredibly for me also! It cleans so well! I use it on my 2 year old and he only needs a wash every 2 weeks or so. My hubby uses it and I also shave with it. It is pricey but it works incredibly well. I also love all 3 of the other products in their range! They don’t make my hair greasey or weighted down, and I can layer them or add more the next day if I want about having to cleanse them out. If you’re thinking about trying hairstory... do it! I’m never gonna g back :)


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