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I joined the club! Yay! As you know I'm a die-hard New Wash fan (read more about New Wash here and here!) so when I received a giant pouch of New Wash along with the reusable container I was pretty stoked. I can go months without reordering a bottle, now when I need a refill I just place an order for the pouch and fill it back up! Cuts down plastic waste too which is always a bonus!

Debbe from Tilde Shop introduced me to this line and I instantly loved it! The scents are unisex, unique, rich, and last all day! My personal favorite (of the moment) is Smoky Fig. It's perfect for autumn/winter as it's warm, spicy, and fruity. All without being sugary or sweet.

I use one of these pomades almost everytime I style my hair. They smell wonderful and
provide great styling & hold  - what more can I say?! Not only does Rudy's provide AWESOME haircuts, their styling products are superb, too!

Wet 'n Wild Photo Focus Foundation
5.99, Drugstore, cruelty-free, my perfect match, and good coverage?! Hell yah! Recently picked this
up at Riteaid and I LOVE it! I only need one layer for medium coverage (my preferred) and it wears great all day. I've finally found the my perfect inexpensive & cruelty free foundation

At the beginning of the year I switched from disposable makeup wipes to wash cloths so it was only natural to make the transition to reusable rounds, too. Not only do I save money, they also gently exfoliate, are easy to wash, and cut down on waste! Yay!

I want to buy all the colors of this balm. It is SO comfortable to wear, highly pigmented, and glides on like a dream! I've been reaching for this constantly - highly recommend!

Aren't these the cutest?? I received this lil guys in a PR package a while back I use them every week (interchangeably) and I've seen a positive change in my skin since using them. My skin is more even, my pores have shrunk, and my complexion doesn't seem as dull. The pouches may look kind of small, but they have a ton of uses in 'em! 

Guys, I love this. It's a leave-in conditioner, shine spray, texture spray, and light-hold spray ALL IN ONE! Plus it smells heavenly. Go out and get this (or order it online lol) - you won't be sorry!!

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts in the comments. ❤

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