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Take Me to the Hamptons | Outfit & Life Update

Dress - from Vintalier | Mules - from Vintalier | Earrings & Sunglasses - from Vintalier

Portland has seen some sunny days recently, and that's a great excuse to do a lil summer-inspired photoshoot! Don't get me wrong, I love to wear comfy sweaters and coats, but I do love me a bit of off-the-shoulder DRAMA! (insert dancing lady emoji here) Thank you to my wonderful friend Ama for the awesome photography. Check out her IG - she is also a pdx blogger and her style is rad.


I recently started working part-time at Vintalier, which is a downtown Portland boutique. I do merchandising and social media stuff, so if you're ever in the area come pop-in and say hello! Also, if you notice that my OOTDs contain a lot of items from Vintalier, you now know why. x) A lot of other exciting stuff is in the works, like my first trip to the UK! Me and my significant other will be staying in & around London this April. We're excited to visit old cemeteries and ogle at the architecture, as well as hit-up some trendy streets in London for some retail therapy. Lastly, you may of noticed I dyed my hair! I went brunette at the beginning of February and I am LOVING it! I'm relieved I won't have to bleach my hair or fiddle with toners for quite awhile. It's been a great change & I love how it looks. So far 2018 has been pretty great! In the comments, tell me how your year is going or just spread some positive vibes. Take care!


  1. Love the new hair color! And the dress in this piece is EVERYTHING. Would love to hear more about the choosing the right makeup to complement the new look. And I love that the new haircolor seems to have inspired you to add more color to your wardrobe!

  2. I'm glad I finally came to your blog, I love your videos on YouTube! I have a pixie myself and just love to watch someone who likes to do tutorials on those type of hair styles. And you still have your pixie which is awesome!!


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